Dear all,

As you did notice, Imperia had to cancel their UK tour at the very last moment. You can read the statement below.
We will update everyone as soon as we know something more about Helena and her recovery.

If you want to support the band, we will offer all the rest of the “Queen Of Passion” T-shirts now for only 12€ incl postage in the shop.
This will help us to cover the lost flight-tickets and other expenses caused by the unfortunate cancellation.

Thank you for the support & till very soon we hope



IMPERIA vocalist Helena is seriously ill and has been hospitalized in Norway and unfortunately she’s not able to travel at all.

As for the UK shows: needless to say we are very sorry for the fact that IMPERIA has to cancel these shows on such a short notice. We hope that you will still visit the venues and support the cool bands that are on the bill.

If you prefer a refund for your ticket, please contact the venues – they have several options available for which IMPERIA is more than thankful.

However, as for the Magic Circle Festival 2014 in Helsinki, the band has decided with the support from the organization to give up a very special performance. So this show will go on as planned with a unique line-up for this one show only. We will inform you more about this and hope for your support. Thank you friends and Finnish professionals that have helped the band in the last two days to achieve this. We’ll see you tomorrow in Helsinki.


Gerry, Jan & Steve