(CD and ltd. Digipak, Massacre Records 2007)

  1. Mirror (Yrlund/Michaelsen)
  2. Fly Like The Wind (Yrlund/Michaelsen)
  3. Raped By The Devil (Yrlund/Michaelsen)
  4. Broken Wings (Yrlund/Michalesen)
  5. Braveheart (Yrlund/Michaelsen)
  6. Facing Reality (Yrlund/Michaelsen)
  7. Norway (Yrlund/Michaelsen)
  8. Abyssum (Grønnestad/Yrlund/Michaelsen)
  9. The Birth Of… (Grønnestad)
  10. Queen Of Light (Grønnestad/Michaelsen)
  11. Fata Morgana (Yrlund/Grønnestad/Michaelsen)
  12. The Calling (Yrlund/Grønnestad/Michaelsen)
  13. Missing You (Grønnestad/Michaelsen)

Produced by Oliver Philipps & Christian “Moschus” MoosRecorded at the Spacelab Studios, (Oedt, Germany) between February and

May 2006. Mixed by Moschus in September 2006

Mastered by Andy Horn at the Red Room (Germany) in December 2006

Grunts on the song “Norway” by Bert

The atmospheric voice on “Missing You” by Mariell Grønnestad

Classical guitar and piano by Oliver Philipps

Orchestrations by Oliver and Audun Grønnestad

Cover artwork and layout by Jan Yrlund (www.darkgrove.net)

Bandpictures by Diederik Paauwe (www.diederikpaauwe.nl )