Overall, Imperia’s Tears of Silence is beautiful, from the cover art, to the multi-genre music. The technical skills displayed by Yrlund, Verstreken, and Wolz is evident in this album, while Michaelsen showcases her broad vocal range. With thirteen tracks of over an hour, Imperia’s latest album is a testament to the band’s unique style and is one worth checking out. CrypticRock gives Imperia’s Tears of Silence 4 out of 5 stars.


Imperia – Tears of Silence (Album Review)

Starting with the artwork is impeccable, passing by the production that is balanced and clear, you can’t tell anything bad about them. The line-up is impressionist and talented as well. Breaking the rules in Symphonic Metal, Helena Michaelsen doesn’t sings using lyric tones, but using an aggressive and potent voice during the track in the entire album. Of course you will listen her singing with lyrics but the focus isn’t it here. You will listen harsh vocals here and there and the orchestration made by keyboards is strong during the whole album.



Tears of Silence is truly outstanding. IMPERIA definitely left a really good taste for me to check out their previous albums and have some more material to enjoy my life. Congrats to everyone involved in this process and make sure you support really talented bands like this one all the time. Peace.