New album out 26.07!

Imperia’s 7th album, “Dark Paradise,” continues the musical style established in their previous release, “The Last Horizon.” Helena Iren Michaelsen’s enchanting vocals capture deep emotions, ranging from operatic highs to powerful grunts like never before. The collaboration with Jacob Hansen for mixing ensures a high-quality sound, given Hansen’s reputation for excellence. Additionally, guitarist Jan Yrlund brings his artistic vision to the forefront, ensuring that the album’s visuals match the music’s depth and complexity. Through this collaborative effort, “Dark Paradise” promises a captivating experience for fans both sonically and visually.

01. Better Place
02. Reach My Tears
03. The Family Chain
04. The Tree Of Life
05. Reflection
06. Soldiers Of Hell
07. Void Of Emptiness
08. Hope Of Joy
09. Lost Souls