Helena Iren Michaelsen

Name: Helena Iren MichaelsenNative Country: Norway

Instrument: Singing (trying to 🙂

Zodiacal sign: Twins (firesnake)

Has played with the following bands and on these recordings:
Trail Of Tears: (When Silence Cries demo ’97), Trail Of Tears: Disclosure In Red (CD ’98), Trail Of Tears: Profoundemonium (CD ’00), Black Horizon: Infinity Of Chaos (CD ’02)

Other bands / Projects: Angel

Absolute highlight gig (own / other band): Dynamo Open Air. 013

Favourite bands.: The Doors, Black Sabbath, Bjork, and so many more :-).

Favourite movies: Lord Of The Rings, Nell, Bridges Over Madison County, Troy, Gladiator, cartoons…

Favourite readings: Don’t even read the newspaper he he. But Donald Duck is cool while waiting at the dentist or something.

Civil life: Single and free jabbadabadu

Hates..: Rules, politics…

Likes…: Freedom, traveling, horseriding, walks in the forest, making songs and do performances of course, watching a good movie, eating wokkels he he, partying in the metal bar the Ster, dancing, diving, rafting. WINE jammie. Adventures…

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