Gerry Verstreken

Native Country: Belgium

Instruments: Bass

Zodiacal sign: Virgo

Guitars: 2 x VIGIER Passion 5-string (endorsed) basses, Ibanez SR-405 5-string, Alembic Europe 4-string bass

Equipment: Ashdown ABM 900 (endorsed), 810 speaker cabinet (endorsed), Ampeg B4R, Laney 12″monitor, Korg DTR 2000, Shure ELX-14 Wireless system, Boss ME-6B, EBS Octabass, EBS Multicomp.

Has played with the following bands:
Chemical Breath (’93-’95 and ’96-’99, released two CDs “Fatal Exposure”and “Values”), B-Zark (’95-’96), D-Tribe (’96-’97), Excess Of Cruelty (’98-’00 – the CD “Under The Ivy Of Ithamar”), Battleheart (’99), Manic Movement (’00-’04 with various recordings / videoclips), Imperia (’03 -). Also has played with: Inferior, Marky Ramone and the SpeedKings, played as a session bassplayer in Dutch guitarchampionships etc….

Recording credits:
Legion of Metal / Faces of Death (Demo) ’88, Punisher (LOM) / Agathocles (Split singel) ’90, Manic Movement / Future Dreaming Self 2001, Manic Movement / Slide (Videoclip) 2001, Stranglehold / World part II ’03, Death (Manic Movement) / Face Your Underground II (Sampler) ’94, Prejudice / Domination of Chaos (Suffer) ’94, Tribute to Death Can Dance (Imperia) ’04, Imperia / The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh ’04.

Other bands / Projects: Angel

Absolute highlights: Wacken 1994 with Chemical Breath, Vooruit (Gent / B) with Manic Movement, Graspop 2002, Eurorock 2002

Favourite bands.: At The Gates, Arch Enemy, all Goteborg metal bands, Danzig, Pantera (RIP DIME), DORO, Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, Bad Brains, Upset Noise, Soul Asylum, Linkin Park, Old Metallica, Ozzy, Screaming trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Deep Purple, 60’s and 70’s music etc….

Favourite movies: X-Men, Van Helsing, action, adventure and sf- movies

Favourite readings: Bass-, Tattoo- and Metal magazines

Personal quote: The world is not coming to you, you need to show how far you can go.

Civil life: Working in a Beerfactory and father of a sweet nice daughter THAILA, my biggest reason of life

Hates..: Drunk people who don’t leave me alone, people who wants to show off and speak with a lot of air without any meanings.

Likes…: Beautiful women, being on stages and being myself, living in my own world

Favorite food: Pasta, chocolate, ice cream

Favorite drinks: coca cola, Baileys, Red bull, Bacardi Breezer

Favorite country: Exotic places where it is nice warm and dry, never had the change to travel, I want to see white beaches, palm trees and blue water

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