Jan “Örkki” Yrlund


Name: Jan “Örkki” Yrlund

Native Country: Suomi Finland (Tampere)

Instrument: Guitar

Zodiacal sign: Taurus

Guitars: Endorsed by Amfisound Guitars and playing with two customized AMFISOUND Les Pauls. Check these guitars out in AMFISOUND Artist Gallery. Other guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom ’75, Gibson Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” ’90, Fernandes “Super Grade” ’57 Les Paul Goldtop, Charvel Mod 5, Fender La Brea Acoustic…

Equipment: Rocktron Piranha, Rocktron Intelliflex, Mesa Boogie 50/50 Power Amp, Samson Concert IV wireless, Korg dtr-1, Marshall cabinets and some other guitars, basses and keyboards to collect dust….

Has played with the following bands and on these recordings:
Prestige: “Attack Against Gnomes” (CD/LP ’89), Prestige: “Veijo” (EP ’89), Prestige: “Priest” (MS ’90), Prestige: “Selling The Salvation” (CD/LP ’90), Prestige: “Parasites In Paradise” (CD/LP ’92), Two Witches: “Vampire’s Kiss” (CD ’93), Lacrimosa: “Schakal” (MCD ’94), Lacrimosa: “Inferno” (CD/LP ’95), Lacrimosa: “The Clips 93-95” (VHS ’96), Two Witches: “Bites And Kisses” (CD ’96), Lacrimosa: “Silent Clips” (VHS ’97), Ancient Rites: “Fatherland” (CD ’98), Danse Macabre: “Totentanz” (CD ’98), Ancient Rites: “The First Decade” (CD ’99), SinMasters: “Seducer” (MCD ’00), Ancient Rites: “Dim Carcosa” (CD/LP ’01), SinMasters: “Crashing Down” (MCD ’01), Danse Macabre: “Eva” (CD/LP ’02), Danse Macabre: “Matters Of The Heart” (MCD ’02), SinMasters; “Seduced” (CD ’03), Ancient Rites: “And The Hordes Stood As One” (CD/DVD ’03), Angel – “Don’t Wanna Run” (CDS ’05) Angel: “A Woman’s Diary- Chapter I” (CD ’05), Lacrimosa; “Muzikkurzfilme” (DVD ’05), Satyrian; “Eternitas” (CD ’06), Satyrian; “The Dark Gift” (EP ’06), Delain; “Lucidity” (CD ’06), Delain “Frozen” (Single) and various other releases…

Other bands / Projects: AngelDanse MacabreSinMastersDelainSatyrian

Absolute highlight gig (own / other band) : With Prestige all the Lepakko gigs & Ruisrock ’92, With Lacrimosa the whole “Inferno”- tour, Gothic Wave Treffen & Zillo Festival ’95, with Rites Dynamo Open Air ’99, Graspop Metal Meeting ’99, the gig in Tel Aviv in Israel in ’01, tours with Deicide etc, with Danse Macabre the summer tour of 2003 etc…

Favourite bands: Everything from black metal to dance. All time favorite bands like Ratsia (Fin) & Stiff Little Fingers…

Personal quote: Amor Vincit Omnia

Civil life: Musician, Graphic Artist, Art-Historian, Organizator The Cave Of SatyR

Likes…: Wine, women an’ song…

Hates..: Empty bottles and crappy music…


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