ANGEL, the new band of Helena Iren Michaelsen, is a journey through different music styles combined with deep emotional lyrics.

Already a while Helena had the idea in her mind to make an album which would offer the listener a complete mix of different feelings and emotions and which would be very appealing no matter which music genre the listener prefers. It would be a kind of crossover album if you like, but not that metal as her previous bands (for ex. Trail Of Tears) or IMPERIA. Lyrics would have a strong meaning and they would be about a woman’s life and experiences in this world. The ideas, melodies and lyrics gathered slowly together until she felt now it is time to let the rest of the world hear them too.

In autumn of 2004 Helena was ready to start making contacts with different labels for ANGEL. As for the band, she teamed up with her experienced fellow musicians from IMPERIA: Jan “Örkki” Yrlund (ex- Lacrimosa, Danse Macabre), John Stam (ex- Mac 11), Steve Wolz (Bethlehem), Gerry Verstreken (ex- Manic Movement) and of course Audun Gronnestad, who took care of the orchestrations of the IMPERIA’s debut album. Not long after the Greek label Black Lotus Records was chosen, because the label understood the meaning of the band and the concept and furthermore this label gave the band a complete artistic freedom.

In December ANGEL was ready to hit the studio. There was enough material written and next to many of Helena’s songs – some of which she had written already in the age of twelve – also Jan and Audun took part in the songwriting and composed several new songs. As for the producers ANGEL chose Oliver Philipps and Christian “Moschus” Moos from the Space Lab Studio in Germany. In January ANGEL recorded a 4 track single titled “Don’t Wanna Run”. This single consists of acoustic and orchestral versions and special tracks from the upcoming album. The single was released through Black Lotus Records in April 2005.

In March 2005 ANGEL went over to Germany and started the album recordings. By the end of April the album was finished and mixed. The album got the title “A Woman’s Diary – Chapter I”. On the album you can hear Helena experimenting with her angelic voice more than ever. She leads the listener with her voice through different styles of music: from pop, rock, dance, ballads and heavier sounds to choirs and emotional slow acoustic passages. The lyrics deal with deeply touching personal experiences and emotions, which sometimes are disguised in a form of fairytale story or other metaphors. And sometimes the words are then again straight to the face and direct – if the emotion at hand requires that. But it is all about a woman – it is her diary. Welcome to the world of ANGEL…

Line up:

Helena Iren Michaelsen – vocals and choirs
Jan “Örkki” Yrlund – guitar and programming
John Stam – guitar
Gerry Verstreken – bass
Steve Wolz – drums
Audun Gronnestad – orchestrations